School Camps

School Groups

School Camps

Basecamp Wallaroo provides an opportunity for teachers and children and children to explore, learn, grow and develop strong team building skills in an idyllic, fun and safe environment. Read more about our school camps here.

Basecamp Wallaroo has developed tailored programs to develop lifelong learning skills and capabilities in line with the Northern Territory Curriculum which recognises that these foundations are essential for preparing students for complex life roles.

Our programs can provide naturally occurring situations for teaching, learning and substantial evidence gathering, delivered in an integrated, challenging and fun context. Students love learning through Basecamp Wallaroo!

Corporate Groups

Corporate Team Building Activities

In Today’s corporate culture our personnel are as vital to our business as our product.

Its not surprising that the worlds largest companies recognise and reward their personnel because they know that the contentment and wellbeing of their team is instrumental in achieving business goals. Lets face it without stable foundations, even the mightiest buildings would topple and fall.

Our organisations are no different.

Basecamp Wallaroo develop tailored corporate team building programs to enhance your organisation’s team strength.

Defence Force & Community Groups

Group Activities

We cater for Defence Forces, Community groups and the Scouts, Girl Guides and Rovers.

Individuals benefit from expanded self belief and esteem. Groups gain better understanding of team dynamics and individual contribution.

Catering for any size group, our visitors can enjoy a full range of activities, with something for absolutely everybody. Whether you seek an adrenalin charged, challenging experience or simply want time to relax and reflect, Basecamp Wallaroo is your perfect choice.

Basecamp Wallaroo develop tailored programs to enhance your organisation’s team strength.

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