Camp Package


Camp cost start at approximately $45/child/day and higher depending on numbers and what ABNT supplies.
Contact ABNT Office for different options.

NB: No cost exists for accompanying teachers / parents unless numbers are excessive and not in a supervising role.

How to Book

  1. Confirm dates and booking deposit paid to hold dates
  2. Confirmation of Camp Booking.
    Fill out and return form with 30% deposit paid.
  3. Prior to camp commencement
    7 days prior send relevant forms:
    1. Medical summary
    2. Proposed educational outcomes and rationale for the camp (program)
  4. Final camp payment to be paid in full before camp starts

Bring on the day of camp:
Consent forms and liability release form

Payment / deposits

If a booking deposit is not paid at the beginning of the school year, the booking will be lost and given to another school. Full payment or 30% deposit is required to confirm camp booking.

Final payment of balance is due prior the commencement of the camp.

  • Cheques or money orders should be made payable to ‘Adventure Bound NT’.
  • Accounts can be paid using Bank transfer relevant information will be on the invoice

Change of numbers

Please keep ABNT informed of any changes to numbers for accurate planning for meals and accommodation. Parties that arrive with less than the booked numbers, there will be no refund given. Unfortunately this is necessary to cover costs for staff wages, food and other bookings which may have been refused.

Refund / cancellation policy

Adventure Bound NTs’ cancellation / refund policy exists to encourage commitment when applying for a program.

It is to cover costs incurred by ABNT and also reimburses lost income due to refused bookings when an organisation either cancels or postpones a booked program.

Booking deposit:
Cancellation of booking – no refund

Camp Deposit:
Cancellations between 28 and 60 days prior to the commencement of the program: 50% of Camp deposit will be retained.

Cancellations between 5 and 28 days prior to the commencement of the program: full Camp deposit will be retained.

Cancellation of less than 5 days prior to commencement of the program: 75% of the full amount will be charged.

If the program has been cancelled by ABNT for any reason, refunds will be in full.

Students sent home

If throughout the camp, any person is sent home because of illness, injury or unforseen circumstances, a refund will be given for the days not attended at the camp. If a student is sent home for disciplinary reasons, no refund will be payable.

Damage to camp facilities or equipment

Damage that occurs through normal wear and tear will not incur a cost, however, if wilful damage to the facility or equipment has occurred, an assessment of the cost will be made by ABNT and school staff. The person damaging the facility or equipment will be billed through the school.

Booking Conditions

As most schools have excursion consent forms and medical history forms etc, already in existence, the medical / dietary forms provided is formatted as a summary to be completed by school staff for reference purposes by ABNT.

As members of a professional association, ABNT has an administration responsibility in the form of a ‘Liability Release and Assumption of Risk’ form. This form is to bring to the attention of participants not only of the nature of adventurous activities but of the specific risks involved. It is required that a photocopy be sent to each student for his or her parents or guardians to read, sign and return to ABNT prior to commencement of the program.

Participants who fail to provide the signed form will be unable to participate in the adventurous activities, as they will not be legally covered by ABNT insurance.

A parent consent form also gives consent for ABNT staff to administer first aid if required. Consent for use of participant particulars for advertising purposes is also asked for. If these points are addressed in an existing school document, a copy may be provided in lieu of the ABNT consent form.

The following attachments need to be completed and returned to ABNT:

  • Confirmation of camp booking fax/email back sheet (Appendix 5)
  • Medical / dietary summary (Appendix 6)
  • Consent form (Appendix 7)
  • Liability release and assumption of risk form (sample only Appendix 8)

ABNT will email forms once program is finalised and activities know.

Base Camp Wallaroo office:
08 8978 8884
Darwin Office Ph/fax:
08 8942 2872
0409 950 444

Base Camp Wallaroo

Darwin, Northern Territory

Postal address:
PO Box 2470, Darwin 0800