Team building initiatives

Team building initiatives are a great way to build trust in your team. The corporate team building activities are located directly at the camp site, either your staff or our staff can run these activities.

Campfire Storytelling

Campfire Storytelling is a great way to unwind at the end of the day.

Flying Fox

Enjoy the thrill of our Flying Fox! Flying Fox Darwin.


Fishing in the natural waterways.


Canoeing in the beautiful natural waterways.

Personal Challenge Course

Challenge yourself!

Corroboree Billabong Wetland Cruises

Austin Arts’n’Artifacts

Activities provided:

  • Fire making
    In this activity participants will learn how to make fire by using the traditional fire drill method. The indigenous people of Kakadu use this method right up until colonisation.
  • Painting & story telling
    Painting was the traditional method of telling stories with indigenous Clans all over Australia. In this activity participants will tell their own story & create their own bark painting using ochre and traditional brushes.
  • Bush knowledge
    Bush knowledge is something that indigenous people have handed down from generation to generation. This knowledge is in important for indigenous people to survive in the bush.
  • Artefact & tool making
    For thousands of years indigenous people using the lane to make everything they needed it. In this activity participants who learn how to gather bush products to make their own artefacts or tools.
  • Bush walks
    In this activity participants will learn the importance of observing the natural bush around them this can also have a calming and healing effect on the participants and they will learn how to look listen and feel the land.
  • Hunting & gathering
    Hunting and gathering is the most important knowledge that indigenous people Held. Without this knowledge to survive off the land through the seasons indigenous people would not have survived. In this activity participants will learn how to track animals where to find fruit and how to cut and divide.
  • Song & dance
    Singing and dancing with another important method of telling stories and used in ceremony. In this activity participants will learn about the importance of Instruments such as clap sticks and didgeridoos. Disciplines will learn how to dance in gender appropriate roles. They will also learn some fun dances.
School Holiday Camps

Team Building Activities

At Base Camp Wallaroo we offer a wide range of team building activities that are sure to strengthen the bond between any group of people.

Whether you are a company or corporation looking to build trust and cooperation between teams, a family unit that wants to explore and deepen their bond or a group of friends looking for something interesting to do outside of city life, we have the program for you.

Games for Corporate

Any corporation knows the importance of communication, trust and hard work both inside and between teams. Sometimes it takes removing your team from the normal corporate environment to help build and strengthen relationships, this is where our team building initiatives come into play.

We offer specially designed games for corporate teams that will push their boundaries break down barriers in communication.

Bring the team together in a way they never thought possible.

Corporate team building is an art form, but there is only so much that can be done inside the confines of the office. We offer a unique way for your employees, managers and even executives to step outside themselves and experience something new together – something unique that builds a real bond.

School Holiday Camps
School Holiday Camps

Bushland Corporate Team Building Activities

The bushland is a sacred and special place that brings out another side of a person or people that may never have been discovered otherwise. Our corporate team building activities are designed to do just that in tandem with the environment around you.

Get out of the building and into the wilds of northern Australia as a team.

Your team will experience what it’s like to make fire together in the ancient indigenous way, breaking down communication barriers with campfire storytelling sessions and exploring collective creativity through painting – this is just a part of our program for corporate team building.

Sydney based corporations can greatly benefit from getting their personnel out of the city.  Our programs are designed in such a way that either your staff can run them, or you can leave it up to us for full immersion.

The Benefits of Adventure Camps for Your Company

Running your company or corporation is a massive undertaking that requires a lot, if not all, of your time. So, you might be wondering why would you send one or several of your teams out into nature for corporate team building?

Melbourne businesses have found great results through our program and the reason lies in the connection that people experience when challenging themselves as a team in activities they otherwise would not have been able to experience together.

Being a bit vulnerable can be an incredible opportunity for serious growth, both as a person and as a group.

By thrusting a group of people into a positive experience that is outside of their usual comfort zone, bonds are made, friendships are built and communication lines are opened.

Take that experience and wrap it in pure nature with all the knowledge and gifts it has to offer and you have an unparalleled transformative experience. This is what makes adventure camps so popular as a company and corporate team building activity.

School Holiday Camps
School Holiday Camps
School Holiday Camps

Family Team Building Activity

Base Camp Wallaroo isn’t designed just for corporate team building. Brisbane families love a good retreat into the wilderness to get just that much closer. The hustle bustle of life in the city can be draining and between work for the parents and school for the kids, the family can feel a bit separated.

Take a walk on the wild side for your next family holiday and have a once in a lifetime experience in the Australian Outback.

Learning to live off the land is a great way to get closer as a family and your kids will love the many activities we have in store for them during your retreat. Participants will learn how to make their very own artefacts and tools the way indigenous people did for thousands of years in the bushland. You will learn how to survive off the land by hunting and gathering together as a family in the ancient way.

You’ll tell great stories around the campfire as well as through song and dance the way it was used in ceremonies of old. Participants will learn about the importance of instruments such as clap sticks and didgeridoos. Disciplines will learn how to dance in gender appropriate roles.

They will also learn a number of fun and entertaining dances. All of these activities are designed to bring you closer together with your loved ones than ever before. To choose an adventure for your next holiday feel free to contact us here.

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