Welcome to Base Camp Wallaroo

Welcome To Base Camp Wallaroo, Adventure Bound Northern Territory

Nestled in Australia’s last frontier, The rugged Northern Territory with it’s amazing flora and fauna, fresh air and tropical weather, Basecamp Wallaroo’s professionally trained staff tailor programs to suit your needs, whether for school camps, team building initiatives or family camping holidays. We can combine physical and mental challenges balanced with team building fun to give you a memorable and enlightening experience.

Individuals benefit from expanded self belief and esteem. Groups gain better understanding of team dynamics and individual contribution.

Catering for any size group, our visitors can enjoy a full range of activities, with something for absolutely everybody. Whether you seek an adrenalin charged, challenging experience or simply want time to relax and reflect, Basecamp Wallaroo is your perfect choice.

Nature Based Team Building Activities

Untouched nature has a quality about it that is inherently transformative. At Base Camp Wallaroo we have designed a highly nature based set of team building activities that will challenge participants in a number of ways. By the end of your time here you will find a deeper appreciation and connection with the members of your team, whether they are family members, friends or colleagues. Get away from the hustle of city life and dive into nature in one of our programs that teach the ancient methods used to live with the bushland. Whether you are a company looking for corporate team building activities, a family looking to do something different for your holiday, or a primary school sports team – Base Camp Wallaroo has everything you need to facilitate better teamwork. We have the team building activities Brisbane companies count on to create cohesion in the workplace.


Facilities include:
swimming pool
natural timber seminar room
showers and toilets
a natural billabong
remote campsites


Activities include:
team building initiatives
campfire storytelling
flying fox
personal challenge course


Catering for all kinds of groups including:
school groups
corporate groups
defence force
community groups

Camp Package

We offer camp packages for schools starting at approximately $45/child/day


We have a great range of facilities including a swimming pool, natural timber seminar room, showers and toilets, BBQ, a natural billabong and remote campsites.


There are many activities available such as team building initiatives, campfire storytelling, flying fox, fishing, personal challenge course and many more.

Preparation for Team Events

The end goal of doing a team building retreat is facilitating a deeper connection and appreciation within the members of participating teams.

Ultimately participants will also learn more about themselves as an individual in the process.

It all begins at our base camp where you will find most usual amenities including hot water showers and toilets as well as bush style hot water showers. For cooking you’ll have access to traditional BBQ’s, gas hotplates and the old style steel pot belly oven – heated by wood fire.

Guests can also enjoy the pool and campfire area while they prepare for team building activities.Melbourne companies and families alike can find a sense of community and adventure at Base Camp Wallaroo.

Northern Territory Camping
Northern Territory Camping

Corporate Team Building in The Northern Territory

The real challenge for team events, as well as individuals, lies beyond our base camp. Our unique program spans across roughly 1000 acres of untouched bushland – bordered only by the Mary River flood plains and the Mary River National Park itself. If your scholastic team wants to get to the next level of companionship and communication, they need to be building bonds based on trust and determination.

The perfect environment to forge these style of relationships is through our team activities.

Sydney is by its very nature competitive, be that in primary school sport, professional sport, business and beyond. Corporate team building is one of our many specialities.

We offer a truly unique experience in the Northern Territory with a platform allowing people to both lose themselves and find themselves again in the vast expanse of true nature in its purest form. We are the platform for team building Melbourne based corporations are looking for.

Next Level Corporate Team Building Events

Don’t settle for the usual corporate activities when it comes to building real communication skills and trust between teams. Taking your employees, managers and even executives into a fully immersive experience, outside of the city and office structure – something different – is a surefire way to break down those boundaries.

True camaraderie comes from the necessity for one another to make a thing happen together, be that gathering wood for the fire, or making the fire in a traditional way once the team has gathered the resources.

There is only so much that can be achieved by sending your employees and managers to a seminar.

Staying within the confines of the city for corporate team building events and exercises doesn’t really offer the opportunity for new growth, discovery and intercommunication.

It can all too often come off as a bit stale, boring and just another company function they have to complete to keep the job. Take the next step for your company by giving your employees a real break from daily grind.

Give them an opportunity to experience something different – a transformative experience.

Every great company understands that morale is everything and that needs to come through in your team building activities. Sydney based businesses and their employees, managers and executives can greatly benefit from a bit of team building in the outback.

Northern Territory Camping
Northern Territory Camping

Corporate Team Building – Activity is Everything

Taking your team into nature, out of the comfort the city provides, will bring to surface a new level of communication. It’s all too easy to fall into the particular rhythm of everyday life in the workplace.

We offer another form of corporate team building – activity based bonding.

There is no better way to realise you are a necessary part of a team then going into the outback.

Our remote camp will see your team trekking two kilometres from base camp. Participants will be pushed as a team to work and interact with nature as well as cook by campfire. This is the team building Sydney based companies and corporations are looking to achieve.

Great outdoor recreational camp for schools, Army and Police cadets. Great Staff and facilities. Only operates in Dry Season. You can abseil, rock climb, highropes and low ropes, or try the biggest flying fox in the Territory. There are beginner, Intermediate and Advanced activities and they also offer remote camps. This is the place to test yourself while being totally safe. Take the the step and jump outside your comfort zone.


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